Our Commitment To Safety

Cabrera is committed to providing a safe working environment with a rigorous Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) management system that emphasizes employee safety, the protection of property and minimization of impacts to the environment and surrounding communities. Cabrera regards safety as a critical component of its Corporate Vision and is one of our organization’s Core Values. Our commitment to safety starts at the top, as illustrated in our HS&E Policy Statement direct from our CEO, and resonates throughout our entire organization, resulting in implementation at every level. It shares the same value that quality, productivity, and corporate citizenship has in achieving a sustainable business climate.

Cabrera is committed to the concept of Zero:

  • Zero injuries/illnesses;
  • Zero damage to property;
  • Zero impact to the environment;

Cabrera’s Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) has been on a steady decline, from 0.88 in 2008, dropping to 0.76 in June of 2014.

YearEMR Rating

Cabrera has worked over 1.4 million work hours without a lost time incident and have not sustained an OSHA recordable incident since 2011. Our overall recordable Incident Rate since 2008 is over four times lower than the industry average for our labor category (NAICS 562910, Waste Management and Remediation Services).

Notable Achievements

Cabrera has an established an industry leading Radiation Safety Program that has been in place for 15+ years and has held an NRC-approved Radioactive Materials License with a comprehensive set of radiation protection operating procedures which have been utilized for over a decade.

Cabrera has a seasoned group of safety professionals on staff to include CHPs, CIHs, CSPs, and a group of dedicated project level Site Safety & Health Officers (SSHOs).

Cabrera worked 898 days and 243,890 hours on the Linde FUSRAP site with zero recordable injuries

Cabrera has prepared APP/SSHPs for 75+ project sites for USACE

Cabrera has prepared over 50 RPPs for USACE including for 16 FUSRAP sites

Cabrera emphasizes the importance of a positive safety culture and promotes continual improvement for its own employees as well as our team members and partners.